About us.

Ever since Chris was a little boy, he loved computers and his dream was to program computer games. He even spent some time with the Doom Level Editor. Some time later, Chris met another university student named Ada. Discussions of their future together included Chris possibly playing computer games as a career. This was (quickly) replaced with the more acceptable possibility of Chris creating computer games and selling them for some much needed money.

One day when out on a walk they came upon an abandoned mocha shack with a 'For Lease' sign. Hmmm. Ada agreed Chris could start up his computer game company IF he promised to eat all his vegetables, and IF it would make him happy to express himself in creative ways and IF he could do it on his own time and IF whatever programmers he hired would stay out of sight in the mocha shack. More time passed, and their carefree lifestyle was replaced with responsibility and reality. This left saturday mornings for daydreaming and playing the occasional video game. More time passed and their lifestyle was further replaced with a mortgage (which included a basement and behemoth garden) and adorable daughter. The trade-off was well worth it, but Chris's dreams lingered on.

Disenchanted with their day jobs, Chris and Ada both agreed it was time to pursue Saturday Morning Productions once more. By then, the mocha shack was long gone and Chris's ideas of computer games matured to be functional computer applications, which wasn't a bad thing. In February 2009, they toasted to a new lease on life and thus began their adventure in basement-based software development.

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