Mini-Compressor Backstory

We love a good story. And we love our Mini-Compressor.

Mini-Compressor was born about the time our adorable daughter was born. Ada was so delighted by this little girl and all her wonders – first cereals, sitting up, one-kneed crawl – but sharing the experience with friends and family via the internet was less endearing. Attaching 5 photos to a monthly e-mail update was painfully slow, and friends were opting out because their e-mail boxes were filling up!

She could have setup a blog, but she’s a wildly private person.

She could have uploaded the photos to Flickr or Facebook, but again, she’s a wildly private person.

She called on her coder husband. What good was he if he couldn’t help?

Chris tried a number of bulky, expensive software apps that didn’t quite work. He didn’t dare tell Ada about them because he knew she’d give up out of frustration within minutes.

Instead, he got to working on a simple right click solution. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t want to share with our friends, so here is Mini-Compressor, our pride and joy.