How To E-mail Compressed Images

Compressing your pictures before you e-mail them allows you to attach more pictures per e-mail. It also prevents long download times for your e-mail recipients.

This example shows GMail’s e-mail program on Windows XP. The steps are similar for other e-mail programs like Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook running on other operation systems like Windows Vista.

You can find more information about Mini-Compressor in the User Manual (pdf), FAQ, and Main Page.

1) Write-up the e-mail then click the Attachment link/button.

Google email

If your pictures are already compressed then go to step 3.

2) Right-click on the picture you want to attach and choose Mini-Compressor from the menu.

Right click dialog

When Mini-Compressor is finished, your new compressed file will be created. By default, it will have the suffix “_mini”.

3) Select your compressed picture file and click Open/OK.

Attach comp file

Hold down the ctrl-key to select multiple files at once.

4) Your compressed pictures are now ready to send.

Comp image ready to send

Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 to attach more pictures.

Recipients of the email and photos do not need to have Mini-Compressor to receive or view them.